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    Company Overview

    contact us

    Shanghai up Pa Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd

    Address: Hengjiang Village, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

    Contact: Chen Tongqi

    Mobile: 13058656827

    Tel: 0576-86389006

    Fax: 0576-86389006

    Website: www.theteavalley.com/www.起霸.com

    Company Culture

    position: home >> Company Overview >> Company Culture
    • corporate vision

    • Determined to become China's first-class fan manufacturers

    • Our Mission

    • Cast a hundred years of enterprises, plastic ethnic products

    • Entrepreneurial spirit

    • Honesty. Diligence. Responsibility. Team. Innovation and win-win

      • Corporate values

      • For the customer for the shareholders for the shareholders to create more value for the community

      • Business action slogan

      • Act quickly

      • Corporate purposes

      • Industry serve the country & nbsp; service people's livelihood

      • Enterprise quality policy

      • Customer firstQuality first 。 Full participationkeep improve 。

      • Enterprise Quality Objectives

      • (一)Product delivery rate of 99.5%;

      • (二)Product passing inspection pass rate of 100%;

      • (三)Product delivery customer acceptance rate of 100%;

      • (四)Customer satisfaction is 98%;

      • Pledge

      • Began with customer needs. Finally customer satisfaction


      Enterprise concept system : The core concept of the enterprise - honest

      Enterprise Talent Concept : The formation of a scientific management system, the system management personnel steward.

      Business management philosophy : The formation of a scientific management system, the system management personnel steward.

      Corporate marketing idea : Big market

      Enterprise quality concept : Quality comes from professional

      Enterprise team concept : There is no perfect individual only perfect team

      Business service concept : Care for customers & nbsp; Lifetime service

      Business learning philosophy : Learning is everywhere, everywhere