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    Introduction and Introduction of Axial Flow Fan

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    Introduction and Introduction of Axial Flow Fan

    pubdate:2017-01-14 author:QiBa fan click:

    Today I saw in a magazine above the form and characteristics of axial fans introduced

     Here, let us up to tell you:

     Single-stage axial fan-level in the form of the following:

          Single stage impeller grade

             Level only impeller, which is characterized by lower pressure and efficiency. Since there is no rear deflector, the part of the kinetic energy for the speed of the outlet of the ventilator is not utilized and lost in vain. Single-stage fan full-pressure coefficient is small, but the structure is simple, easy to manufacture, mainly for low pressure and low power consumption of low-pressure axial fan, its specific speed range is usually 205-490. The wheel hub is also smaller than usual.

          2. impeller + rear deflector and

             The ventilator is equipped with a rear deflector at the rear end of the impeller, which is intended to be able to partially or even use the impeller outlet to rotate around the east to improve the pressure of the ventilator and to increase the efficiency of the ventilator accordingly. It is characterized by a large single-stage full-pressure coefficient, generally 0.15-0.72; high efficiency, so this level in the axial fan is widely used. This type of axial flow fan speed is usually 90-305. Ventilator can be in the case of downtime or operation, with the change of the impeller blade installation angle of the adjustment of the working conditions.

          3. Front deflector + impeller level

             The ventilator has a blade mounted angle adjustable and fixed front deflector at the front of the impeller. So that a negative winding speed is generated before the impeller inlet, and the winding speed of the airflow at the impeller outlet is zero. As the front deflector deteriorates the velocity field and pressure field of the impeller inlet airflow and increases the average relative velocity of the impeller, the fan loss increases and the efficiency is reduced. In addition, this type of axial fan noise has also increased.

          4. Front deflector + impeller + rear deflector

             This type of axial fan has its front deflector blade mounting angle designed to be adjustable. This type of fan is characterized by: high pressure, the single-stage fan full pressure coefficient is small, about 0.33-0.84; pre-flow regulator structure is simple, easy to adjust, easy to automate, and can change Impeller blade installation angle combined to adjust to improve the operation of the fan economy. Its shortcomings are: fan machine axial size is relatively large, the noise should be larger.

    Shanghai Pa Pa Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing fans, centrifugal fans, fan accessories, boiler fans, axial fans and other products specializing in the production and processing of factory direct, inexpensive, welcome to come to the procurement.

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