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    contact us

    Shanghai up Pa Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd

    Address: Hengjiang Village, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

    Contact: Chen Tongqi

    Mobile: 13058656827

    Tel: 0576-86389006

    Fax: 0576-86389006

    Website: www.theteavalley.com/www.起霸.com

    Congratulations on the Shanghai Tigers fan website officially launched

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    Congratulations on the Shanghai Tigers fan website officially launched

    pubdate:2016-10-01 author:www.theteavalley.com click:

    (Taizhou Yehua Fan Factory), Shanghai Yaotao Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai speed of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Services Limited.

    The company set development research, design and manufacture, sales for the integration of enterprises, with advanced CAD-aided design system, professional processing center and improve the detection facilities, the company's main products: centrifugal fan series, boiler fan series, high pressure fan series , Explosion-proof fan, mixed flow fan series, oblique flow fan series, the pressure fan series, axial fan series, motor and other ancillary equipment, fans and various customized non-standard fan.

    The company to market as the guide to the quality assurance technology to create the spirit of the environment, dedicated to the development and manufacture of fine fan, excellence, stronger and bigger strategic objectives, the company always adhere to the "quality first, users first" business philosophy, Users to provide a satisfactory product and thoughtful service, we wholeheartedly with the old and new friends from all walks of life for the fan industry development, work together to create brilliant!

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