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    How to solve the problem of centrifugal fan impeller wear

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    How to solve the problem of centrifugal fan impeller wear

    pubdate:2017-01-17 author:QiBa fan click:

    Let us trove fan to tell you how to solve the centrifugal fan impeller wear problems:

      For the use of centrifugal fans users wear problems everywhere, then the centrifugal fan in the course of the wear and tear will be divided into a variety of situations, mainly refers to the wear between the bearings, then the impeller, the machine wear these Wear the phenomenon of serious words will lead directly to the use of the fan can not play out, due to wear more than the price, we in this chapter mainly to the impeller wear problems starting point for the user to find a few ways to deal with impeller wear problems and techniques to Can better use the fan.

        Improve the process route is a more typical method, as far as possible after the centrifugal fan placed in the dust collector, such as: the fan placed in the humidification tower or pipe after wetting, drying the exhaust fan placed in the dust collector are greatly conducive to the prevention of the fan Wear, surface paste or welding ceramic, the wear-resistant engineering ceramics using high-strength high temperature adhesive or special welding process composite on the fan blade surface, the technology should focus on solving the problem of anti-shedding. Plasma surfacing, And the repeated welding will lead to cracks in the foliage, easy to produce accidents on the blade surface can be carburized, carburizing process is difficult, the actual carburizing, carburizing layer of the site and thickness of the thickness and wear from the blade and carburizing The process of thermal spraying, the use of plasma spraying method or oxygen acetylene flame, sprayed on the surface of the blade wear ceramic or tungsten carbide or spray nickel base + tungsten carbide alloy.

        Reduce the impeller wear method also requires users to start from the anti-corrosion, many times the fan will increase the corrosion of the fan wear phenomenon, so how to reduce the use of the phenomenon of fan corrosion, but also the use of fans in the process of the need to study a subject, To protect the smooth flow of the fan who only from these aspects to start is not enough, we all know that the fan can not maintain the longest effect, and usually on the maintenance and maintenance of the fan is inseparable, a perfect maintenance program Is the user must have.

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