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    Mixed flow fan when the normal operation of the signal

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    Mixed flow fan when the normal operation of the signal

    pubdate:2016-12-15 author:QiBa fan click:

    What is the main signal when the mixed flow fan is running normally? Let the hegemony tell you.

       Mixed flow fan has now gradually been a wide range of applications, and has been recognized by the majority of users, then the mixed flow fan in the normal operation also have some signals, this can help users to better operate it, these signals are what, today Let's take a closer look at the next:

       We first understand the basic analysis and processing of the vibration signal of the downflow fan, the first of all the signal pre-processing theory, digital filtering theory, spectrum analysis theory were analyzed at the same time, and then for the actual operation of the mixed flow fan Vibration signal characteristics, the actual operating conditions of the fan and on-site maintenance experience to determine the vibration signal processing process of the pseudo-point removal method, the trend of elimination methods to reduce the frequency aliasing and spectrum leakage method, the choice of digital filters and Design, basic time domain, frequency domain analysis method and so on.

      Finally, the basic analysis and processing of the signal in the laboratory were simulated to determine the relevant parameters and methods, and verify the results of theoretical analysis to ensure that the field mixed flow fan in the miscellaneous work conditions can better extract the Need the signal.

       In the study of signal denoising using wavelet analysis, the basic theory and multiresolution analysis method of wavelet analysis are analyzed. Then, the appropriate wavelet function is selected by comparing the actual vibration data of the exhaust fan. Finally, MATLAB software is used to simulate wavelet soft and hard threshold denoising and its improvement method.

       Mixed flow fan normal operation of the main signal is these, and their applications have a certain theoretical basis, I believe that as our technology continues to improve, its performance will continue to improve, we will wait and see it.

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