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    Roof fan coil in the cleaning of the precautions

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    Roof fan coil in the cleaning of the precautions

    pubdate:2016-12-19 author:QiBa fan click:

    Before understanding the roof fan coil in the cleaning time before the note, we and the hegemony together to understand the coil:

    The coil is responsible for the important task of passing hot and cold water to the air through the fan coil. In order to ensure high efficiency heat transfer, the surface of the coil must be kept as clean as possible. However, since the fan coil is generally equipped with coarse filter, the hole is relatively large, in the beginning of the use, it is inevitable that dust through the filter and attached to the coil of the pipe or rib surface. If not timely cleaning, it will make the coil hot and cold water and the coil outside the flow of heat between the amount of heat to reduce the coil heat transfer efficiency can not be fully brought out. If a lot of dust is attached, even if some of the air channels between the fins are blocked, the air volume of the fan coil will be reduced and the air conditioning performance will be further reduced.

    Roof fan coil cleaning method can refer to the air filter cleaning method, but the cleaning cycle can be longer, generally clean once a year. If it is seasonal use of air conditioning, then the air conditioning after the end of the season to clean once. Less than a last resort, do not use the overall removal from the installation site to clean the way to reduce the amount of cleaning and disassembly services caused by the impact. Cross flow fan

    Roof fan coil is usually installed directly in the air-conditioned room, its service status and quality of service will affect the indoor noise level and air quality. So must do a good job of air filter, drip tray, coil, fan and other major parts of the daily maintenance work to ensure that the fan coil to play a normal role, does not have a negative impact.

    Above is the day for the tyrants for everyone to organize the introduction of the roof fan coil in the cleaning time of the relevant matters, you are aware of it? If you have any other doubts about the roof fan, please pay attention to our website. We will make the most detailed solution for you! Tel: 0576 86389006

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