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    The role of the various parts of the blower and working principle

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    The role of the various parts of the blower and working principle

    pubdate:2016-12-22 author:QiBa fan click:

    Let's take a look at the role and working principle of each part of the blower.

    The deflector is fixed on the casing (cylinder) and forms a stator with the casing. The rotor is supported on the front and rear bearings. The bearing receives the radial load of the whole rotor and the axial thrust generated when the blower is running.

        The function of the intake pipe is to make the gas coming from the surrounding atmosphere or the gas pipe evenly into the annular converters. The effect of the converters is to name the gas before entering the deflector to accelerate and have a more uniform velocity field and pressure field.

        The intake deflector establishes the desired velocity field (the magnitude and direction of the velocity) before the first stage. The role of the rectifier is to make the air flow at the inlet of the diffuser with axial speed and to increase the pressure of the gas. In the diffuser due to the reduction of gas kinetic energy to continue to pressurize the gas, the role of the trachea is sent by the diffuser to the pipe network transport.

        The working wheel or the moving cascade is combined with the deflector behind it (in the direction of the air flow), which is called the axial flow compressor. The gas in the working wheel is compressed by the interaction of the airflow and the rotating blade. (Intermediate deflector) function is to make the next level of the air flow has the necessary speed and direction, while the gas part of the kinetic energy into a pressure energy.

        The centrifugal stage consists of a centrifugal working wheel and a stationary element (such as a leafless or leaf diffuser). The intermediate stage element is the same as the intermediate stage deflector in the axial compressor, but the gas is In the role of centrifugal force inhalation and output.

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