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    The difference between the axle fan and the bearing fan

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    The difference between the axle fan and the bearing fan

    pubdate:2017-01-02 author:QiBa fan click:

    What is the difference between an axial fan and a bearing fan?

    Now we are racing fans of the axial fan and bearing fan, what is the difference between the application of many industries, is widely used in many areas of construction, in daily life everywhere can see its shadow. In order to meet the different needs of different industries, enterprises in the fan performance and type have done a lot of effort. On the current market point of view, the type of fan is very much. But also because the type of fan so much, there are many fans in the name or performance gap is not great, easy to let consumers admit. For example, axial fan and bearing fan is such a kind. Xiaobian and we talk about the difference between the two of them.

    Axial fans are very common in industrial and mining enterprises, many companies will apply to. Axial two words is not difficult to understand, that is, the flow of the wind and the axis of the parallel meaning, as usual with the fan is like this. The axial fan and the bearing fan compared to the words, the two are still no small difference.

    1. medium flow

    Bearing fan work is not to change the flow of media inside the duct, and axial fan is different, and the bearing fan is really good, is to change the flow of the media;

    2. Installation

    In the installation of the two is not the same, the installation of axial fans relative to the bearing fan is relatively simple, but also one of its advantages;

    3. Motor position

    They both the location of the motor is not the same, the bearing fan motor and fan are generally connected through the bearings, and axial fan motor is generally inside the fan;

    4. working environment

    Both because of the performance and other factors, in the work environment is not the same. Bearing fans are often used in the import and export of air conditioners, and axial fans are often installed in the duct inside or duct outlet.

    The difference between the two is not small, if the misuse is not a fun thing. So when the purchase must pay attention to, choose the right is the best of the right.

    The above is the difference between the two of them, please also carefully read, so as not to need to be later to buy, we mainly from the tyrants fan is the production of axial fans, there is a need to call our company. 86389006

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