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    Noise source of mixed flow fan

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    Noise source of mixed flow fan

    pubdate:2017-01-16 author:QiBa fan click:

    Let's take you today to help you analyze the noise sources of the mixers.

      1. Vibration If the rotor rotor rotation when the physical center of the rotor and the axis of inertia is not on the same axis, it will cause the rotor imbalance. The physical distance between the physical center of the rotor and the center of the axis of inertia is called the eccentricity. The rotor does not equalize the eccentricity. When the rotor rotates, it causes a vibration due to the centrifugal force, and the vibration is transmitted to the Mechanical parts.

    2. When the fan of the mixed flow fan is operated, the blade is periodically subjected to the pulsating force of the nonuniform airflow of the outlet, and noise is generated. On the other hand, due to the uneven distribution of the pressure on the blade itself and the blade, The disturbance also constitutes the rotation noise; in addition, due to the gas flow through the blade when the turbulence caused by the surface, vortex and vortex off, causing the pressure distribution on the blade pulsation and eddy current noise. These three reasons caused by the noise can be integrated as "cut wind noise", the general air volume wind pressure fan, the wind noise is also larger.

    3. Sound and sound noise sounds only simple wind, and different sound is different, the fan running, in addition to the wind, if there are other sounds issued, you can determine the fan appeared abnormal sound. Abnormal sound may be due to foreign bodies within the bearing or deformation, and improper assembly and collision, or uneven winding of the motor winding, resulting in loose, are likely to produce abnormal sound. Lifetime of the fan The life of the fan refers to the trouble-free working hours of the normal operation of the radiator, and the service life of the quality products is generally tens of thousands of hours. In the case of price and performance, the choice of long life products is clearly better to protect our investment.

    4. The life of the fan by the motor life, the use of the environment, power supply and other factors. The most widely used form of air supply is the use of axial fans (that is, the most popular kind of fan) down the blast, the reason why so popular because of good results and low cost.

    Shanghai Pa Pa Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing fans, centrifugal fans, fan accessories, boiler fans, axial fans and other products specializing in the production and processing of factory direct, inexpensive, welcome to come to the procurement.

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