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    Roof fan start and commissioning

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    Roof fan start and commissioning

    pubdate:2016-11-18 author:QiBa fan click:

    Roof fan do you know? Now let's take you to introduce you to this.

    Roof fan type, widely used. Here you briefly explain the start of the roof fan and debugging, I hope you can gain from!

    1, the roof fan to reach the normal speed, the fan should be detected in the input power supply is normal, the fan running current can not exceed its rated current, if the operating current exceeds its rated current, should check the supply fan voltage is normal.

    2, the number of test when the number of not less than two, one control power, one person to observe the operation of the fan and found abnormal phenomenon immediately stop inspection; first check the direction of rotation is correct; fan process, should check the operating current balance, More than the rated current; if there is an abnormal phenomenon, should stop checking. After running for five minutes, stop the fan to check whether there is an abnormal phenomenon, to confirm no abnormal phenomenon and then boot operation.

    3, the roof fan of the two-speed fan test, you should first start low speed, and check the direction of rotation is correct; start high speed must be static after the fan to prevent high-speed reverse rotation, causing the switch trip and motor damage.

    4, the roof fan to allow full pressure start or buck starting, but it should be noted that the full pressure start when the current is 5 to 7 times the rated current, buck starting torque and voltage square is proportional to when the grid capacity is insufficient Using a buck starting.

    5, on the centrifugal fan and wind chassis, the required motor power is to be determined under the conditions, coupled with mechanical losses and the amount of reserves should be, not the full outlet when the required power, such as the fan outlet is not Pipe or no external resistance and the air run, the motor has the risk of burning, for safety reasons, should be in the fan outlet or inlet pipe with the valve, start the fan off, after the operation will slowly open the valve, Until the specified working conditions, and pay attention to whether the fan current exceeds the specified value.

    The above description, hope to bring you some help. We are looking forward to your arrival! You are welcome to inquire more exciting content.

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