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    How the heels axial fans work

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    How the heels axial fans work

    pubdate:2016-11-22 author:QiBa fan click:

    How does an axial fan work? This point, I believe that professional practitioners will be more familiar with it. Below, do not know the friends attention, and heel to accompany you to understand to see it

    The axial fan uses the change of the installation angle of the moving blades to displace the performance curve of the fan. Performance curve with different leaf mounting angle and duct performance curve, can draw a series of work points. If you need to increase the flow and pressure, just increase the angle of the installation of the blade; the other hand only need to reduce the installation angle of the blade. Axial fan of the moving blade adjustment, high efficiency, but also to adjust the fan after the work in a high efficiency area. Axial fans with moving blades can also be prevented from falling in the unstable operating conditions at low flow conditions.

    Axial fan fan adjustment makes the fan structure complex, high adjustment requirements, manufacturing accuracy requirements are also high. Changing the mounting angle of the moving blade is performed by means of a blade adjusting mechanism which comprises a hydraulic adjusting device and a transmission mechanism. The piston in the hydraulic cylinder is axially positioned by the sleeve and the shoulder of the piston shaft. The hydraulic cylinder can move left and right on the piston, but the piston can not produce axial movement. In order to prevent the hydraulic cylinder in the left and right movement through the piston and hydraulic cylinder gap leakage, the piston is also equipped with two rows of slotted seals. When the impeller rotates, the hydraulic cylinder rotates synchronously with the impeller, and the piston rotates due to the rotation of the shroud and the piston shaft.

    So the fan is stable in a working condition, the piston and hydraulic cylinder no relative movement. The other end of the piston shaft is equipped with a control shaft. When the impeller rotates, the control shaft is stationary, but the control shaft moves together when the hydraulic cylinder moves left and right. Control the first part is still and does not rotate. The blade is mounted on the outer end of the petiole, each blade is fixed on the petiole with 6 bolts, the petiole is supported by the petiole bearing, the balance block and the blade are arranged at a prescribed angle, the displacement amount is different, the balance block is used to balance the centrifugal force, So that the leaves in the operation becomes adjustable. The leaf adjustment mechanism is surrounded by the impeller and the shield, so that work safe, to avoid the dirt into the adjustment mechanism, so that the action is flexible or not jam.

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