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    Precautions for assembling centrifugal fans

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    Precautions for assembling centrifugal fans

    pubdate:2016-11-02 author:起霸風機 click:

    Centrifugal fans, boiler fan is one of our main production products, in the production of these fans, we have a strict quality checks, each procedure will be strict checks in the final assembly of centrifugal fans when there are many Note, today we have to talk about the Xiaobian to tell you should pay attention to what?

        1, the installation of centrifugal fan unit, should be placed directly on the basis of pairs of oblique horn leveling.

        2, the scene assembled centrifugal fan, the base of the cutting surface should be properly protected, should not have rust or operation, the base placed on the basis of the application of the oblique horn leveling.

        3, the bearing seat and the base should be tightly engaged, the vertical non-level should not exceed 0.2 / 1000, with the level on the spindle measurement, horizontal horizontal water should not exceed 0.3 / 1000, with the level of the bearing in the level of the surface measuring.

        4, the bearing should be preceded by the rotor axis and the axis of the shaft axis correction, while adjusting the gap between the impeller and the inlet and the spindle and the rear side of the shaft plate between the hole, to meet the equipment technology The provisions of the document.

        5, the spindle and bearing assembly, the equipment should be required to check the provisions of technical documents. Between the bearing cap and the bearing pad should be maintained between 0.03 ~ 0.04 mm interference (measuring the outer diameter of the bearing and bearing the inner diameter).

        6, centrifugal fan chassis assembly, should be based on the rotor axis as the base to find the location of the chassis and the impeller inlet and chassis inlet between the axial and radial clearance to the equipment technical documents specified Range, and check whether the anchor bolts are tightened. If the clearance value is not specified in the equipment technical documents, the general axial clearance shall be 1/100 of the outer diameter of the impeller. The radial clearance should be evenly distributed. The value should be 1.5 / 1000 ~ 3/1000 Small size). Adjust the value of the gap to try to improve the efficiency of the fan.

        7, centrifugal fan to find the right, the fan shaft and the motor shaft of different degrees of axis: radial positioning should not exceed 0.05 mm, tilt should not exceed 0.2 / 1000.

        8, the rolling bearing assembly of the centrifugal fan, the two bearing frame on the bearing hole of different shaft degrees, until the rotor installed, to flexible rotation prevail.

       These are some steps and precautions when installing the centrifugal fan. If you want to know more details and services, please contact us at ¥ 0576 86389006, we will be happy to serve you and sincerely look forward to your visit!

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