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    Switch fan and motor method

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    Switch fan and motor method

    pubdate:2017-01-17 author:QiBa fan click:

    In fact, the way to switch fans and motors is very simple, the following by us to cover you under the details of the next.

    1, according to the wind speed decision: is to choose a small generator and power generation, or choose a large generator idling, if the wind speed is less than 8 m / s, the small generator and the grid running and the fan running state switch to "put G2". If the wind speed is higher than 8 m / s, select "idling G1" operating status.

    2, put into G2: small generator contactor closed, the generator and the current from the thyristor control to 350A. Once the commissioning process is complete, the SCR is removed and the fan is switched to the "Run G2" state.

    Wind power is invested in small generators to generate electricity if the average output power is too low for a unit time, which is the state in which the small generator is disconnected and the fan switches to "wait for re-branch". If the average output power exceeds the limit of 110KW, the small generator is removed and the fan running status is switched to "G1 idling".

    3, G1 idling: fan waiting for the wind speed into the motor into the wind speed, once the wind speed to reach the fan to switch to "put G1" state.

    4, put into G1: large generator contact connected. The grid-connected current of the generator is limited to 350A by thyristor. After the end of the input process, the SCR is removed and the fan is switched to the "RUN G1" state.

    5, running G1: fan of the large motor into the power generation, if the power output in a certain period of time less than the limit value of 80KW, large generator cut, the fan running state switch to "switch G11-G12" state.

    6, switch G1-G2: large generator contactor cut off the small generator contactor connected, the thyristor generator current limit to 700A, once the input process is completed, the SCR cut, the fan to "run G2 "state.

    7, wait for re-input: If the small generator output is less than the limit, then the operating state of action. In this state, the contactor of the small generator is cut off. If the wind speed is valid, the fan will switch to the "input G2" state. If the wind speed is lower than the limit value, the fan will switch to the "idle G2" state.

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