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    Fan installation considerations

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    Fan installation considerations

    pubdate:2017-01-23 author:QiBa fan click:

    Fan installation precautions

    We can play tyrants fan, each device can be attached to your instructions, as long as you pay attention to send.

    A, the basic requirements of the fan level, strong, and the base height ≥ 200mm.

    B, fan and duct with hose (flexible material and not burning) connection, the length should not be less than 200mm, diameter and fan inlet and outlet the same size. In order to ensure that the hose in the process of running the system does not appear distorted deformation, should be installed moderate elastic. For the canvas hose installed at the suction end of the fan, it can be installed slightly more to prevent the fan from being inhaled during operation and reduce the cross-sectional size of the canvas hose.

    C, the fan of the steel bracket must be fixed on the basis of concrete, the fan of its steel frame and the base must be added between the rubber damping pad. All the fans and motor components are installed in the whole piece of steel stent, the steel floor installed in the base of the top of the vibration pad, the best use of vibration pad with porous rubber plate.

    D, the fan pipe diameter can only be larger, can not become smaller, the final outlet to install insect net, biased on the wind when the need to increase the wind and rain caps.

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